Saturday, November 6, 2010

And don't forget the joker....

Yes, to my right is a drunk-and-bored-looking Lemmy Kilmister, the man who basically, for all intents, is Motorhead . To Lemmy's left is a very goofy-looking Tim Napalm.

Yes, I'm a dork.

Which leads me to an old story....

1997 or thereabouts. I'm in NYC on assignment, I think for CMJ New Music Monthly. I'm at the late, great Coney Island High - I forget who's playing. I look up from my drink...and Lemmy is playing pinball just yards away.

I grab my friend's arm and probably leave big, red welts with my fingernails. "Look!" I hiss at her. "It's Lemmy!" Now she's leaving claw marks in my arm, before turning to her friend and alerting her to Lemmy's presence.

"Go talk to him!" my friend urges me.

"No! You go talk to him!"

We do this for about five minutes, Lemmy obliviously pounding the flippers. Finally, I look at my friends and inform them, "You realize we have just proven to ourselves we are nowhere near as cool as we think we are!"

I'm still not. Thanks to Patti Johnsen for making the introduction and taking the photo last Sunday night at the Rainbow. I'm soooo not worthy.


  1. You are worthy or maybe I am remembering everything wrong.

  2. "the man who basically, for all intents, is Motorhead."

    Hahahaha! YES!