Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"RADIO NAPALM" 2nd Anniversary Special To Air This Thursday On Woody Radio

Art Fraud (Ronn Spencer, left) displays his excitement at co-hosting the "RADIO NAPALM" 2nd Anniversary Show, in this famed snap with his "The Cool And The Crazy" co-host Vic Tripp (Gene Sculatti, right). (pic: Scott Lawrence)

Greetings. It's 3:34 AM, and I can't fucking sleep. Just popped a Benadryl, hoping it will kick in soon. So I figured, since I'm doing nothing else, I'd post the blog I need to post this week.

For those who've been wondering, yes, "RADIO NAPALM" has been placed on hiatus. And yes, there was supposed to have been a program commemorating the show's second anniversary last month. I committed to completing the show, and producing it as the final show for the year. After that? I have to consider whether I will continue to do the show.

Plain and simple, "RADIO NAPALM" has grown beyond me playing some records I like. It's now a production-heavy beast that has required time and attention I can't really give it. It has even required me to miss work to meet the production schedule, and I can't continue making that a practice, obviously. The show is a one-man operation, but it's growing beyond my means now.

If I continue it, it will be a return to a live show, with various pre-taped production elements interspersed. But at this point, I have to consider if I even want to continue doing the show. My focus, right now, is on getting my life back in order, and on concentrating on a return to playing music and on my writing (especially this fershlugginer novel I've been working on intermittently since 2005), and on a relationship entering a new phase.

I must admit, after finishing production tonight on the anniversary show, I have the bug again. Yeah, everything I've just complained about regarding the show has reared its head, especially its appetite for my time. But I've got playlist ideas rotating in my mind, so I'm sure I'll be coming back to the show sooner than any of us suspect. But I have to work up a new, more efficient methodology.

Meantime, I do hope you'll join me for the 2 1/2 hours we'll be celebrating "RADIO NAPALM's" anniversary this week. I'll have some stellar (if aggravating) assistance this week, in the form of Art Fraud (Ronn Spencer), supreme Boss Jock and co-host of '80s KCRW staple "The Cool And The Crazy," a key formative influence on "RADIO NAPALM." (His Cool Show partner, Vic Tripp [Gene Sculatti], also makes a cameo appearance.) In addition to the wacky hijinks which ensue from this stellar team-up, we get the usual editions of "John Peel's Record Box" and "Crampsology," a special Artist Of The Week (whose identity shall be kept secret until broadcast), and a playlist drawn from a selection of favorite tracks I've for the most part never played in the show's history (including hits from PiL, The Muffs, The Flesh Eaters, Suicide, The Pretty Things, an entire set of Rolling Stones obscurities, and brand new music from OFF! and Motorhead). All in all, this is sure to be more fun than humans should be allowed to have.

So please join me this Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010, to help observe the 2nd anniversary of "RADIO NAPALM." It may be the last time. Tune in at the usual time - 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, and 6 PM Pacific - at the usual channel, Woody Radio Dot Com. I'll be live in the chatroom, as should be Art Fraud, and I'll be tweeting the playlist live at the "RADIO NAPALM" Twitter page.

Meantime, the Benadryl feels like it's finally doing its' job. So I'll knock this on the head. Thanks for reading this. And come this Thursday, I'll see you in The Garage.


  1. Barring an enormous fissure opening in the earth and swallowing what's left of my aging carcass, I'll be in the RN chat breathlessly awaiting the effusive praise that inevitably results from my sporadic radio appearances.

    It was no picnic working in Tim's studio. The Garage is neither fit for man nor beast. But I persevered, despite the jerry-rigged microphones cobbled together from surplus US Army walkie talkies and the unattended Port-A-Potty in the alley.

    Tune in and hear full-grown men behaving like imbeciles and some really loud music. It'll dispel any notions you have about the validity of Darwinism and you'll kill 2.5 hours of your pointless and meaningless existence.

    Ever buoyant,

    Art Fraud

  2. Art had great problems with Scooter's idiosyncratic "housekeeping," and our lack of celery juice. Things have changed for the man, as you will hear on the show. But his entire last paragraph is very true.