Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh, Lord! The 2012 elections are already a tractor pull....

Michelle Bachmann responds to the news that she can "has cake."

That sound you hear is that of my eyes rolling out of control. Why? Seems congresswoman Michelle Bachmann - the Tea Partier's Tea Partier who placed the battle of Lexington and Concord in New Hampshire rather than Massachusetts, blamed Obama for bird flu, and totally erases whatever goodwill the state of Minnesota engenders for having given the world Bob Dylan, Husker Du, and The Replacements - is being considered a serious contender for the Presidency. And Donald Trump is considering a run.

Jesus, people. Can you please stop it? My eyeballs are bruised from all the spinning you're inducing.

By this point, it's well-known I'll listen to a George Michael box set on permanent repeat for the rest of my life before I'll vote Republican. I've also arrived at the conclusion, in my old age, that it doesn't matter what your party or ideology is -  you have to have a monumental, hyper-delusional ego to even want the Presidency. (And we all know Trump has that in spades.) You also probably should not be trusted, outright, again regardless of your affiliation or philosophy. I've also concluded that America really does not know what's best for it, thanks to the erosion of our educational system and its trust in Fox News as a source.

But damn, people. Do you really take either of these people seriously enough to lay your trust in their doing a good job running things? Especially in Bachmann's case?

If so, I'd best start pricing tickets to somewhere, ANYWHERE, that isn't America. You're on your own, dumbasses....

And yes, I hope you have a good day, too.


  1. Unless you're absolutely fizzing at the bunghole for a 2012 Republican presidential win, you should be fucking rejoicing over the fact that Bachmann and Trump are the best that they're able to put forth as viable candidates.

  2. Hahaha! Mark, you DO have a point there. But I mean, REALLY?!

  3. Why so stunned? Hell, you just fled -- and plan an eventual return to -- a state whose majority perplexingly deemed Arnold Schwarzenegger worthy of election... twice!

  4. Because it's the only logical reaction.

  5. Logic and politics don't mix, my son!