Monday, May 16, 2011

Just A Thought # 1

Um, Steve? I think you've got something clogging the barrel of that pistol....

Recently, former Crass singer Steve Ignorant undertook a tour of the US where he performed a selection of Crass classics. Reportedly, ticket prices were rather steep to see the singer of the iconic Anarcho-punk band of historic note. Then again, Ignorant was heard, in a recent documentary on Crass, to grumble over how little money he made from the band, and how he’s basically now working shit jobs.

Still, given the band’s self-proclaimed principles versus the overt goal of this tour (and the guarantees Ignorant was asking for), shouldn’t it be dubbed The “Do They Owe Us A Living?” Tour? And I sure hope some fans invoked the proper spirit of Crass by purchasing some generic t-shirts at a Goodwill, turning them inside out, and breaking out the stencils and spray paint. The legend they could plaster across the fronts of those shirts? “PAY NO MORE THAN $5 FOR THIS SHOW.”

Just a thought…, (he smirks).

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