Sunday, September 22, 2013

"RADIO NAPALM" Podcast # 12: In Celebration of Vernette Bader

Study that face. Remember it. Imprint it in your deepest recesses. This is the face of what police in North Charleston, South Carolina, consider a dangerous criminal. But to us Irregulars, she is a heroine.

She is Vernett Bader, and she is the woman taken into custody for the attempted stabbing of her roommate...because the asshole wouldn't stop playing THE EAGLES!

Here at "RADIO NAPALM," we think this is wrong! The roommate should be arrested for cruelly inflicting his shitty taste on the world! Vernett Bader deserves a medal, a book contract, and a tour of daytime talk shows.

Instead, we give her a radio show.

"RADIO NAPALM" was due to feature your requests this week, for the first time. And we still play them. But Vernett's story so moved Ed, Scooter, and I, we knew what we had to do: We had to dedicate this week's show to Vernett.

So yes, the show is pretty much as it always is. But it's all done in Vernett's honor.

Oh, here's the link - click and play:

And here's the playlist:

MAGAZINE - Shot By Both Sides
DAN SARTAIN - Now Now Now (with Jane Wiedlin) (Too Tough To Live, 2012) 
THE EQUALS - Police On My Back (1968, Requested by Lonesome Dave Fisher, Austin, TX)
BORN LOOSE -  Step Up To The Plate (Be A Runaway) (Larry May, ex-Candy Snatchers, NYC 2012)
THE CLASH - Guns Of Brixton (Sound System remaster 2013, Requested by Jason Martin, Austin, TX)
999 - Emergency (original 45 rip, 1978)
THE COPPER GAMINS - All Hid (Mexico, 2013, Los Ninos De Cobre, Saustex Media)
THE HUMPERS - Steel-Toed Sneakers (Punk-O-Rama, Vol. 3, requested by Alan Villareal, Round Rock)
THE LOVESORES - Flamethrower Chic (2013, Portland, Scott "Deluxe" Drake)
JD MCPHERSON - North Side Gal (Signs & Signifiers, 2012)
JIM JONES REVUE - Collision Boogie (new single out Oct. 14, requested by Walter Daniels, Austin, TX)
PUSSY GALORE - Pig Sweat (Right Now!, 1987)
JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION - Boot Cut  (Meat & Bone, 2012)
PLOWBOY SPOTLIGHT: BEBE BUELL - I'll Hold You In My Heart (2013, You Don't Know Me: Rediscovering Eddy Arnold)
EDDIE COCHRAN - Nervous Breakdown (1958)
TOP TUNE OF THE DAY: THE DEVIL DOGS - Radio Beat (requested by Kari Krome)

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