Friday, April 15, 2011

Bring The Light

Greetings from Charlie's computer! Again, the title of this week's post has no significance, other than as the title of the song I'm listening to as I type this, a rockin' lil' single from the debut album from Liam Gallagher's new post-Oasis band, Beady Eye. I definitely dig it, although the rest of the record can get a little too Beatles-damaged. (Gee, THAT guy? Rippin' off Lennon/McCartney? Really?!)

One month in, and my appreciation for Denver grows daily. Many of the aesthetic reasons can be found documented by the blog of a new friend, Tom Lundin. He, too, has a deep appreciation for mid-century modern design and neon, and he photographs all the well-preserved examples of it you can find all over Denver, posting them in his Denver Eye blog. But all in all, the spirit and soul inherent in this town just embraced me the minute I got off the bus a month ago, and has made me feel more welcome and relaxed than anyplace I've ever been to or lived in. I still love L.A., but I will soothe that love with frequent visits, rather than attempting to negotiate the rat race aspects of it.

One thing that may be a casualty of recent events, however, is "RADIO NAPALM." I wrote the Woody Radio staff this morning to inform them that I cannot foresee a return to production on the show this year. There's simply too much on my plate and too many production elements to rebuild. For now, The Garage will remain shuttered, and Scooter and Ed The Engineer will have to draw unemployment. (Besides, Woody informed me he has no money in the budget to rebuild The Garage here in Denver. Guess things are rough in Canada, too....)

Meantime, I work, try to save money, and immerse myself in Charlie's vast library of books and DVDs, thereby saving myself more money and making up for the cultural isolation I had my last few months in L.A. (Currently reading: James Ellroy's The Black Dahlia. Currently viewing: The Sons Of Anarchy, Season 3.) And I mourn the loss of the America that I grew up in, replaced by the mean-spirited America that's hard to avoid. Which I don't have the energy to expound upon. I just try to keep living the best I know how, and not let the shit stain my soul.

On that thoroughly wholesome note, I bid adieu: A bohemian American, searching for a little soul. I hope you find your share, too. Be good to each other out there!

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