Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Lepus Day

Greetings, my Irregulars. (Yes, I realize that the radio show is in dry dock for now. But it occurs to me that the faithful with any of my creative endeavors could be termed Irregulars. And that's a good thing.) For some, today is Easter. For me, it's another Sunday. Being neither religious nor young enough to groove on colored hardboiled eggs and cuddly pagan fertility gods, the day just doesn't have much of an impact. It's been that way for a number of years, in my world. And right now, my world is filled black coffee, bacon frying for my breakfast burrito, and the mono mix of Hendrix's "Are You Experienced?" 'Tis issuing forth from a belated audit of the April 16 edition of Henry Rollins' excellent "Harmony In My Head" radio show, this being his salute to lifelong pal Ian Mackaye.

So as you can see, at this very moment, life is very good.

Not much to report this week. Just a lot of hours at work, and dealing with the usual existential angst over my life and the three anxiety attacks I had this week. Which I'm sure stem from my continual analyzation of said life. Not that I'm much for public hand-wringing any longer. I just think a lot more than I probably should. I'm supposed to attend an event benefiting the family of a recently deceased member of Denver punk 'n' roll kings The Fluid this afternoon. Considering I've yet to shower and dress, and there's groceries to be bought and clothes to be laundered so's I can get through the working week, I'm wondering if I'll be making it to the gig after all.

I suppose there are other things I could write about. There are cultural artifacts passing my radar screen in need of commentary, such as Carl Barat's and Jah Wobble's respective memoirs, or several fine new CDs out there from the likes of the New York Dolls and Gang Of Four, among others. But the coffee is about to run out. And you know the rules for my blog: Write and post it in the time it takes to finish two cups of coffee. So how about a promise to write about these things through the week, as I leave you with this carnival-rific video for what I guess is the first single from the Dolls' new one, "Fool For You Baby?" Be good to each other out there.


  1. christian that i am, easter aint much. rabbits pooping eggs, jewish fiancee lobbing resurrection jokes. think i'll resume suicide by pork product stew and little debbie snack products. maybe i'll trot out for some of those pastel nat sherman smokes--that'd be festive, in a pimp-ass way. shalom, and happy lepus day to one and all.

  2. Whoever you are, you're a truly great American. Aside from the fact that you posted this anonymously, of course.

  3. I'll agree that Easter is overrated, although I do enjoy "Because the Night" and "Rock N' Roll Nigger". Oh wait, you're talking about the HOLIDAY Easter. Okay. I still agree. When I first heard that new Dolls tune, I thought, wow, they've been listening to The Raveonettes and BRMC. Totally pulled it off, though. David Jo and Syl are truly national treasures.

  4. Josh - Your reference points for the Dolls record are a lot more modern than mine. I instantly thought the whole album was an homage to their girl group roots. Then again, those are also prime references for The Raveonnettes.

  5. It's pop-up Jesus day,
    It's pop-up Jesus day,
    Everyone say "Hooray"
    It's pop-up Jesus day!

    *to the tune of Howdy Doody*