Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wow! You mean I have a blog?

Coulda fooled me, as often as I've been posting lately. I can see it's been over a month, and that was to hip y'all to my new status as Louder Than War's American correspondent. (Yet another writerly duty I've neglected - sorry, John!)

Honestly, my hands have been way too full to blog/write/create as much as I'd like. I've been working hard for awhile, lately at an exceedingly blue collar temporary job, to keep a cash flow going and keep the rent and bills on time and to not be dependent on anyone, as I've unfortunately been for the last three years. Also, to accumulate the gear I need to get back to playing music and to start up my next Hormones lineup.

This means time has been at a premium, and I can't be as multi-media as I'd like. Much as I joke that anything Henry Rollins can do, I can do? I now see that I can't. My limitations are that Henry is lucky enough to be paid good money to be a media pundit/voice over artist/sometime actor, so he can afford to publish one book per year and do a radio show, etc., etc. I've never seen such success in my own endeavors. American minds might see that as me being a failure, or not being as talented. This isn't the case. It's just the way it is.

I'm not complaining. Just seeing things for what they are. It means I have to concentrate on keeping employed and keeping a cash flow going, modest as it may be. Then I'm able to do all the artistic stuff as I have time and energy in between.

But there is much to write about. I still have albums released this year by Motorhead, UK Subs, and Michael Monroe to write about, as well as recent memoirs from Alice Bag and Carl Barat. And then there's always the world situation, as always. And whatever else fits in as I sip my two cups of coffee to face my day, of course.

Speaking of which, Cup Number Two is just about drained. Thanks for indulging me. Be seeing you.


  1. I read yours and mine is One hand claws the other as they say in Cosa Nostra?

  2. Fast Film IS in my blogroll, if you'll look over to the right. :-)