Sunday, November 3, 2013

"RADIO NAPALM" podcast # 16: The Garage Has Moved!

Man, I love the new Mixcloud widgets for all of us Cloudcasters! I mean, look at the thing below! It even shows the playlist, so I don't have to go retyping it here when I post the shows here to help promote 'em! Man, Mixcloud thinks of EVERYTHING!

But this week's show is up, and it's a humdinger. FAR better than the half-assed Lou Reed Memorial Special I produced and threw up on Mixcloud the day of his death. For one thing, I actually had time to produce this week's show, even though we were moving to new Napalm HQ and a new location for The Garage...and Ed and Scooter didn't lift ONE GODDAMNED FINGER! *ahem!* Lazy bastards....

Anyway. this show sounds pretty tits, to me. It helps when you have so much good music to play: THE YARDBIRDS, MOTORHEAD, THE LAZY COWGIRLS, MUDHONEY, CHEETAH CHROME, THE RONETTES. We even have a German punk band called RAZOR SMILEZ, covering THE HORMONES' "SELL OUT YOUNG!" How can I NOT love a cover of my band and my song? (I also played the original, of course....)

Anyway, before I digress anywhere further than my current new location, just press play below. Enjoy....

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