Sunday, December 22, 2013

"RADIO NAPALM" Podcast # 21 up at Mixcloud Radio

Yeah, I haven't been posting updates to the blog lately, and especially haven't been posting the radio show here. Life has just been a little hectic, working on a ZZ Top story that will run after Xmas in The Austin Chronicle. But here I am today, freshly awakened by my neighbors, who seem to find loud hip hop and "motherfuckers" appropriate at 9 AM on a Sunday. (Well, they do that any day. But....)

Thankfully, we begin this week's "RADIO NAPALM" with METAL URBAIN and "Hysterie Connective" to blast those heathens into submission. And the punk rock comes thick and fast after: BILLY CHILDISH AND CTMF, THE OBLIVIANS, KING TUFF, REV. NORB AND THE ONIONS, THE CLASH, THE MUMMIES, and so much more. And plenty of echo and vintage ads to warm your cockles.

We got Red Hot Ball and Big Saucy Bangers galore this week in The Garage! So, press play and join us!

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