Thursday, June 16, 2011

Going From One Cartoon To Another....

You coulda seen this pic coming, couldn't ya?

I tried forever not to comment on the Anthony Weiner debacle.  Oh, believe me: I could've told dick jokes for days, just on the guy's name alone. But the whole matter was such a non-issue, I didn't wanna contribute to that circus.

But the American media and American people just couldn't stop touching that stove. "Oh, NO! An elected official has had his sexuality arrested at age 14! He thinks showing pics of his underwear-sheathed pork sword to women via the internet - when he's supposedly happily married - is perfectly acceptable! Oh, my! That's our business, right? Because it is a sign he's not fit to serve, RIGHT? And GET A LOAD OF HIS NAME!"

Honestly, that y'all kept going there, and that it's now led to his resigning, says more about what's wrong with our society than about Anthony Weiner or his ability to be a good representative for his people. And he was: Served 12 years in the US Congress for New York's 9th District. And he served on NYC's city council for six years before that. And from all reports, he did great things for his constituents, and was looked upon as a rising star in the Democratic Party.

But, like Bill Clinton, he couldn't keep it in his pants. Something that Europeans shrug off. But America, a nation founded by puritans, still acts like a nation of puritans. They're titillated as hell at the slightest whiff of sex, but sex must be punished when it begins whiffing.

And while it may have been the right's version of Perez Hilton, Andrew Breitbart, who most loudly beat the drums against Weiner, it was Weiner's own party who hounded him out of office.

Let's face it: Politicians are dogs. Worse so than rock musicians or Hollywood actors. And frequently, it's the most loud-mouthed family values advocates on the right who end up exposed as the biggest kid-fucking, closeted-gay perverts alive. So why was any of this shocking?

Were Weiner's actions in poor taste? Sure. Immature? You bet. Untowards for a supposedly happily married man, soon to be a father? Yep. Should he have owned up and moved on, rather than try to ineptly cover up once he got *ahem* exposed? Stands to reason.

Now, did our entire civilization and government crumble because Weiner liked to flash his weiner at women on the internet?

Well, did it?

I feel sorry for our country. I feel sorry for the media for being unable to not pick at this scab. I feel sorry for the Democratic Party for being a bunch of hypocrites. And I feel sorry for Tony Weiner, for losing a promising career to poor judgement. And for having that name.

Now maybe I can get back to blogging about more important stuff. Like why is it Gibson gives that waste of sperm Sammy Hagar another signature guitar, when I'm still struggling to get gear together to start a new band....

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  1. For every Steve Jones, Joan Jett and Peter Frampton that they do signature guitars for, Gibson has to screw it up by giving signature axes to douchebags like Sammy Hagar and the guy from Nickelback. I'm still waiting for them to get off their asses and honor James Williamson, Mick Jones and Robert Fripp their own Les Paul models just to make up for the Nickelback one.

    Don't even get me started on the Jonas Brothers Melody Maker... sadly, I'm not making that up.