Monday, June 13, 2011

I Wanna Be Animated: Ramones Cartoons!

"So, we meet up back at The Mystery Machine after the gig?"

Ramones Pics

 I always wondered why the Forest Hills Four - Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, and Tommy (or Marky) (or Richie) (or Marky again) (and what about CJ?) - never got their own Saturday morning cartoon show. If ever a band deserved to have their wacky hijynx animated, it was The Ramones! I mean, they kinda hinted at that once themselves:

But did Filmation ever come by with a contract? Did Hanna Barbara ever realize The Ramones should have guested on that same Scooby Doo series that had guest appearances from Don Knotts or Batman and Robin? NOOOOO! Hell, even THE BEATLES got a cartoon show in their heyday!

Well, some enterprising soul decided enough was enough. Apparently, a few years back, someone did their own animated clips set to Ramones classics and uploaded them to YouTube. The results are crude, but no less crude than either those '70s Hanna Barbara or Filmation "limited animation" series I mentioned earlier. And these are probably a million times funnier and soaked in The Ramones' spirit, right down to the pop cultural and cartoon references, even references to other Ramones lyrics.

Let's dig in:


And this last one, for "Chainsaw," might be my favorite, as it's the most ambitious production, right down to the intro and fake movie trailer at the end:

I don't know if The Ramones' corporate interests approve of these clips. But I don't think they're an embarrassment, and I wish whoever this animator is would do more! Gabba gabba, we accept, we accept you! One of us!


  1. Thanks Tim . I made these and no one knows who the hell i am .(ha)
    They were taken down 2 years ago (copyright) i sweated blood to get these made so that really hurt. They're back up now though. w/ads .
    i planned 2 more but Basement was always the one i wanted to remake so who knows .

  2. Thanks for getting in touch, Neil. And thanks for making these.